Courses in Decision Sciences (DECSCI)

DECSCI 101 – Fundamentals of Decision Science. SS

This course is a question-driven introduction to the certificate and the fundamentals of how humans make decisions. The primary goal is to provide hands-on and problem focused instruction designed to connect students to research as quickly as possible. Substantive topics include behavioral and experimental economics, consumer behavior and marketing research, game theory, medical decision making, neuroeconomics, and political psychology. C-L: Psychology 141

DECSCI 201 – Discovering Game Theory: Social Complexity and Strategic Interdependence. QS, SS

Strategy is all around you: In sports, the economy, law, politics, and your own social interactions. In this course, you will explore one of the foundational tools that social scientists use to analyze the complexity of strategic interactions: Game Theory. To do so, the course employs a highly interactive learning environment, in which you and your peers engage in strategic interactions that illustrate fundamental social dilemmas. In taking this course, you will gain a new analytical perspective into the complexity of social phenomena, and develop a solid foundation for additional course work in social science. C-L: Political Science 217;  Economics 362

DECSCI 401S – Research in Decision Science. QS, R

This seminar allows students to engage in original research in the area of individual decision-making. As part of the Decision Science program, the emphasis is on interdisciplinary research combining insights from disciplines that include behavioral economics, game theory, machine learning, neuroscience, political psychology, and statistics. Work completed in this seminar can lead to either a stand-alone research project or honors in the student’s home major. Prerequisite: Decision Sciences 101.